You want a photographer... can ask silly questions without feeling silly.

...who you forget you're in front of a camera with.

...who gives you photos that capture your personality.

...who loves having fun and talks too much.

...who you will have great fun working with!

The bit about me...

I'm Emily. I am a theatre loving, Christmas obsessed photographer who dreams of winning the Great British Bake Off.

I am lucky enough to be able to say I have worked at the Royal Albert Hall, the Royal Opera House and Buckingham Palace - I have watched Darth Vader conduct an orchestra, and I work as a Venue Manager at G Live in Guildford.

I love bakewell tarts, Beauty and the Beast, Star Trek (original series people) and have seen the Phantom of the Opera in London 10 times. I also love being in front of the camera getting caught in ridiculous poses (see below...)

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